Manicure, Pedicure, Nail Services

Nail Salon**All nail services use disposal buffers and files along with pedicure bath liner**

We offer a range of nail services, including a large selection of enhanced services. Royal Day Spa staff is extremely friendly and we aim for excellent customer satisfaction for every client.


Polish Change: File/Shape and Polish Change

Hands: $10 Feet: $12 Princess (10 year and under): $5Nail Services

Basic Manicure $20

File/Shape, Soak hand, Cleaning of the cuticle, Buff, Cuticle oil, Massage, Hot towel, and Varnish

Royal Manicure $35

File/Shape, Soak hand in mineral salt, Cleaning of the Cuticle, Buff, Cuticle oil, Sea Salt Scrub, Mud Mask, Hot Towel, Massage, and Varnish

Express Pedicure $25

File/Shape, Choice of cuticle cleaning or callus removal, Massage, Hot Towel, and Varnish

Basic Pedicure $35

File/Shape, Cuticle Cleaning, Callus Removal, Cuticle Oil, Massage, Hot Towel, and Varnish

Royal Pedicure $50

Soak in mineral salt, Mud Mask, File/Shape, Cuticle Cleaning, Callus Removal, Sea Salt Scrub, Massage with Body Butter Moisturizer, Hot Towel, and Varnish

Suggested add on Paraffin: $10

Princess Manicure & Pedicure (Under 10 year old) $35

Soak Feet, Cut, File/Shape, Massage, Hot Towel, Nail Art Design

Basic Manicure & Pedicure Combo: $45

Royal Manicure & Pedicure Combo: $70

Artificial Nails

  • Acrylic Full Set/ Fill: $35/ $25
  • Solar Full Set/ Fill: $45/ $30
  • Bio Full Set/ Fill: $45/ 30 (Regular Polish)
  • Colour Gel Full Set/ Fill: $55/ $40
  • Pink & White Full Set/ Fill: $55/ $40


  • Hard Gel Removal: $15
  • Gel Nail Repair: $5 and up
  • Soak Off Shellac Removal: $5
  • Shellac Gel Polish Add-On: $15
  • Shellac Gel Polish Change: $20
  • Artificial Cut Down: $5
  • Cut & File on Natural Nail: $10
  • Extra massage on hand/feet: $1/min
  • Nail Art: $5 and up
  • Mud Mask & Sea Salt Scrub: $15

If you’re looking to maintain a beautiful appearance for your hands and feet all year, we are the people to call. Contact us at (905) 503-2513