Skincare Services

Facials   A really custom skincare treatment or facial is far more than a shrub. It needs an esthetician who comprehends the chemistry of your skin and learns the best way to coax its attractiveness out from the inside.

Today, there is a lot you can do in order to take good care of your epidermis. From extractions to infra red lamps, chemical peels to more invasive procedures, your choices are endless, as are the estheticians.

Royal Day Spa offers a custom made, fully soothing and cleansing facial for all skin types. We utilize the following: skin evaluation, steaming, cleaning of the follicles, face, hands and arm massage with warm hands mitts, therapy mask, moisturizer and tips for homecare, making your skin clear, smooth, rejuvenated and radiant.

Our clients profit from years of experience as well as expertise in skin rejuvenation treatmentsFacial including Botox treatments for wrinkles or perspiration, dermal fillers like Juvederm and Restylane, ANTI AGING laser rejuvenation, laser hair removal, intense pulsed light as well as the best skincare products available.

Skin Care and Facial Services

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Mini Facial (35 min): $48

Cleansing, Exfoliation, Mini Massage and Mask

Deep Cleansing Facial: (45 min): $58

Cleansing, Exfoliation, Steam, Extraction, Mini Massage and Mask

Bioactive Organic Facial Treatment (60 min): $78

A pure, natural, and biometrical care concept. All formulas are ecological-certificated, free from any preservations PEGs and ethoxylated emulsifiers. Perform with Deep Cleaning Facial with massage.

Amber Energizing Facial Treatment (60 min): $88

Made in Germany by Dr. Rimpler, the White Baltic Gold Amber Peeling Crystals is said to have a healing, pain-relieving and calming effect. The effect of this Amber Peeling is like a miracle. When interacting with the warmth of the human body. Blood circulation will improve, and also restore the damage skin, enriches it with oxygen and smooth out wrinkles. Even after the first treatment the skin becomes elastic and silky.

Option to add-on Amber Crystal to any facial treatment: $30

Acne Purifying Facial (60min): $68

Special treatment with helping acne skin. Cleansing, Exfoliation, Steam, Extraction, Massage, Mask and Serum

Hydrating Ultrasonic Facial (75 min): $98

Alginate Firming Facial (90 min): $120

Beauty Mineral Facial (120 min): $180

Eye Treatment (30min): $48

Dr. Rimpler Neck Treatment (60 min): $68

Vitamin C-4 Vitalizing Facial (90 min): $120

Helps stimulate the cellular metabolism, give a glow and refresh the skin, moisturizing, repair and restructure the skin’s own lipid film. Noticeable after first treatment, skin will feel wonderful.

Surmer Rejuvenating Facial (75 min): $98

Stimulating essential Oil Facial (105 min): $150

Men’s Facial Treatment (45 min): $68

Zensibia Harmony Treatment (75 min): $98

Neck Treatment (60 min): $78

RF Firming Facial Treatment (60 min): $98

Bio Anti Wrinkles Treatment (60 min): $98

Micro Bamboo Body Scrub- Silky (75 min): $78

Baltic White Gold Body Treatment- Detox (75 min): $120

Baltic White Gold Back Treatment- Purifying (60 min): $80

Bust Firming Treatment (75 min): $120

Microderm Abrasion Facial (75 min): $98

Micronized (very fine) crystal or diamonds derived from mineral are used to remove dead and flaking skin cells. This result will the production of collagen and new skin cells.

Lymphatic Facial (40 min): $60

Let our experienced, licensed aestheticians evaluate, analyze and recommend the facial that is best for your skin type. Experience radiant, healthier and younger looking skin.

You receive the most pampered, intelligent and unhurried facial to enliven your skin. Our experienced professionals will restore, preserve and beautify your skin’s natural appearance.

Pamper yourself with a Royal Day Spa facial and restore your skin’s natural glow. Contact us at (905) 503-2513

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